This barbarous, highly aggressive race of Vaygren demons have little interest in anything but satisfying their own base desires. They are utterly single minded in their lust for fighting, equaled only by their fondness for eating and sex.

They are prone to in-fighting and quarreling amongst themselves. A flowchart of typical Vyrus activity would be something like: excessive gangbangs > feasting > brawling (all interchangeable). They rarely are engaged by other Vaygren races in the realm, as they are difficult to live around due to their belligerent personalities and are left to their own devices.


Physically, the Vyrus are much larger than most other races. Their skin color comes in various shades of blue, purple, green, and very rarely red. Their hair tends to be pale white in color.

Most vyrus have single horn jutting from their forehead

Innate Mara

The Vyrus have the innate ability to invoke the Mara, growing a phallus whenever they desire (which is often), without requiring the use of a spell or ritual. The Vyrus mara carries no risk of pregnancy; however, the semen of a Vyrus is highly addictive to others, to the point where it can drive a person to madness…


Unlike the rest of Vaygren, the Vyrus do not reproduce by impregnating women with their Mara. Rather, continued exposure to Vyrus semen gradually changes the victim over a period of months to years, slowly transforming them into a Vyrus themselves.