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    Welcome to the mythical world of Vaygren! The current wave of Japanese animation has left many longtime anime fans forgotten. Those who have grown up with OVA works that contained gritty cyberpunk dystopia, cutthroat dark fantasy, and truly shocking erotica, yearn for it more than ever. Currently, those sorts of themes are fairly taboo and are not produced on the level of the past, the 80s in particular. In hopes to rekindle those glory days, Vaygren was created to satisfy this hungry audience. Fans of legendary artists like Go Nagai, Tony Takezaki, and Toshio Maeda, shall find their place in this intriguing and ever-expanding erotic universe!

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Vaygren Chapter One: Guilty commander

Even the most beloved leader will know the bitter taste of insubordination, given enough time. Yvain, the disgraced high commander of Alees’s forces, points her sword at her former queen. What are Yvain’s ideals and does she have the power to see them through to the end?


While the main plot flows though the comics, all other side-stories and events happening a step or two outside the limelight, are shown though the various pinups. You’ll see all the characters in their most intimate sessions in both solo pics, group pics, and many variants.

Jaw-dropping futanari & lesbian scenes with updates three times a week!