The creator of Vaygren: Cyberunique

Founder of, Cyberunique is a self-taught artist who has always shown a great passion for art, counting many great Japanese animation titles as his inspiration and the artists Koutarou with T, Kotoyoshi Yumisuke, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell as his influences. He is dedicated to illustration and is set on the path of becoming one of the most promising digital artist of his time.


What are the underlining themes of this site, more specifically?

What I’ve set about doing is to harken back to older anime OVAs of the late 80s and early 2000s. Titles in this realm would be things like La Blue Girl, Cutie Honey, Angel Blade, Bible Black, Devilman, Genocyber, Ninja Scroll, Demon Beast Invasion, things like that. Those titles, while often grim or extremely sexualized, had intricate stories. I’d like that for my series too, to have a blend of erotica and an engaging story to keep people interested in more than just sexual encounters.

Many of those titles have abstract sexual stuff, like futanari and such. That factors into this too?

Absolutely! Not much of that to go around anymore, at least on par with titles of the past. The demographics of the times change, but a lot of people still enjoy these things, so I want to focus on them exclusively.

Why Support?

Joining Vaygren would not only support me, but it allows me to share the story I want to tell with the rest of the world. Any eyes that find Vaygren enjoyable will help me to know that I’ve also made something that people can enjoy and appreciate, encouraging me to continue the story further. It will also allow me to hire other talented artists, writers, voice actresses, programmers, sound engineers, and editors to make this project become a reality.

Is this a game site?

Absolutely! Vaygren offers its story on a Visual Novel platform, that you can play on the site or download.

Does this site only offer games?

No, Vaygren offers OVA animation, Pinups, Comics.

No males this in this series? Why not?

Uncountable amounts of websites out there cater to male x female type erotica. I don’t want to add to it. This site is aimed at people who want futanari & lesbians and don’t care for anything else. e.g. Bible Black had fantastic lesbian scenes. I want to replicate that. Angel Blade had top-notch futanari scenes. I want to also replicate that. The ones who appreciated those scenes the most just want to look at women, so that’s what I’m going to do for them, draw women and nothing but women. Feel free to check out my other websites if male relationships are what you are interested in though.

You’ve got a rather sizeable amount of websites. What made you want to start this one and what’s your motivation?

I think eventually, every artist wants to focus on creations of their own. I’ve noticed this with many prominent artists in the field. They never feel truly alive till they are crafting their own characters. Fanart drains your motivation after a while, always drawing somebody else’s invention. It is never really yours, no matter how well you draw it. I came to the conclusion that I would be the happiest if I was making things by me, for me, and sharing it with the world. I intend for Vaygren to be my magnum opus. I hope you’ll share the journey with me!

That must mean you’re going to put your maximum power and time into this site, yeah?

Most definitely! I’m intending, in due time, for Vaygren to supplant all my other websites and I will work on Vaygren full time with all of my energy at my disposal.

Does this site have videos?

Yes, this site contains a short OVA animation and few loops and will keep growing.

How many updates do I get per week?

I will update the site with two pinups per week while working on the visual Noval game, and animations.

What were you doing all that time? Why didn’t you just keep working on Vaygren?

I been running other websites, and doing commissions for clients for several of years.

What do you do for a living?

For several years I worked as a freelance artist. I have been blessed these passed years to able to use my talent to pay my bills and stuff. Prior to that I was working in the hotel field, so I decided to quit in 2009 and take the risk and focus on my art.

How long have you been working on this comic?

A long time. I had been thinking about the story and working out details since forever, but it took me many years to figure what I really wanted to do. I began sketching the draft in mid-2011 and released a side comic with one of the cast, “Alees”.


Where did you learn how to make comics?

I am a self-taught artist and comics-maker with a background in automotive. I learned how to make comics on my free time by reading a lot of books and comics in order to learn how to tell stories and by practicing my drawing skills a little bit every day.

How long does it take to make a page?

A single page takes a minimum of 8-10 hours to complete. I swear, sometimes I feel like my fingers bleed from all this work!

How do you make your lines & colors?

I do all of my work digitally in Clip Studio Paint. I use a tablet to sketch, draw, and color. My line quality and color are a product of years of practice! I had to keep trying out different methods until I found one that felt right. If you notice, my art looks weird in the beginning, it’s because I continue to teach myself as time goes on. I’m not perfect, but I promise I always do the best I can and consider honest critiques carefully.

Is drawing this comic your full-time job?

Right now, no. But I am hoping to turn Vaygren to my full time job.

I am making a comic! Do you have any advice?

Plan ahead! You can never plan too far in advance. Put yourself into the comic; make it something nobody else but you could have written. Have a theme that matters to you. Give your readers something to discuss and think about. Make sure you love your characters, even when you hate them. Don’t skimp on stuff you’re not good at, do your research and practice every day to get to the results you want. When people describe their works as a labor of love, they really know what they’re talking about. Make sure you use equal parts labor and love in everything you do.

I have a question you didn’t cover here! How do I ask one?

Just message me wherever! There’s a bunch of social links on the front page you can reach me by.