the cast

SophiA Dawn

Sophia is an average girl who lives an average life, or so she likes to think. Sophia never truly really believed it, but it brought her some degree of comfort. She couldn’t explain why, but the world felt so much more vast than it appeared to be, as if it were merely one cog in a massive clock. When Sophia has a chance encounter with a beautiful creature not of this world, she begins to see just how right she really was, for better or for worse.

-Race- Human


Yvain is a natural combatant with keen senses. Her nimble and resourceful fighting ability, quickly placed her in Alees’s royal army as the high commander. However, at some point for unknown reasons, Yvain forsook her title and rebelled against Alees. Currently, Yvain plots to remove Alees from power.

-Race- Dark Elf

Chloe Sinclair

Chloe is used to getting exactly what she wants, when she wants it. Rarely satisfied, she will push her limits constantly to see what she is capable of getting away with.  All too familiar with the atmosphere of a rich and strict household, Chloe tires of taking orders and wants nothing more than to give them. She fulfills this desire in the companionship of her schoolmates, Sophie & Khara, who follow her lead in whatever new adventures and endeavors she’s thought up for them that day.

-Race- Human

Khara Mason

Khara can often be found feverishly scribbling down her various fantasy ideas and doodles in her journal. Often too shy and anxious to do things on her own, she tends to tag-a-long with Chloe & Sophie. While with the girls, she hopes to find inspiration and obtain new and interesting things (especially erotic things) to write and illustrate.  Khara admires Chloe’s outgoing and tenacious behavior and longs to be more like her, with middling results.

-Race- Human


Bynx, through a series of tragic events, finds herself marooned on Earth and unable to return to Vaygren. Mysterious and very playful, Bynx’s flirtatious demeanor beguiles a vast wisdom. Upon meeting Sophia, one of the few denizens of Earth who is capable of seeing her, she chooses to bond with the young girl for reasons known only to Bynx.

-Race- Nekomata


Cassidy is the current high commander of Alees’s forces after Yvain defected. A sleek mink of a woman, Cassidy’s brusque mannerisms extend to both her fighting style and her come-hither affections. She’s not one to take refusal of her whims lightly. She’s been ordered to smash Yvain’s revolt and retrieve the stolen mystic gem.

-Race- Dark Elf


Enke is Alees’s right hand and the strategist of her legions. She’s brilliant, though prone to getting lost in thought and becoming oblivious to everything around her. Enke is relatively soft-spoken, compared to her boisterous and sassy comrade Cassidy. She has an overwhelming sweet-tooth for girls much younger than her, fawning on them whenever one crosses her path. Cassidy, from close exposure to Enke, has developed similar tastes.

-Race- Mutant


Alees is the queen of Vaygren and is the mightiest entity in her realm. A being of untold power, very little concerns her. With unwavering confidence in her strength, Alees manages to make a game out of just about every task, regardless of what it is or how pressing. So charismatic is Alees that many creatures of Vaygren follow her will of their own accord, without the need of forced submission.

-Race- Mutant


This barbarous, highly aggressive race of Vaygren demons have little interest in anything but satisfying their own base desires. They are utterly single minded in their lust for fighting, equalled only by their fondness for eating and sex. They are prone to in-fighting and quarreling amongst themselves. A flowchart of typical Vyrus activity would be something like: excessive gangbangs > feasting > brawling (all interchangeable). They rarely are engaged by other Vaygren races in the realm, as they are difficult to live around due to their belligerent personalities and are left to their own devices.

-Race- Vyrus