Deep within the black void of the universe exists a realm called Vaygren. Within it lives a myriad of ethereal beings and horrific entities, some of which have been further warped and disfigured by a combination of advanced science and dark magical arts.

With the vast amount of starkly contrasting creatures inhabiting the world, Vaygren is rife with political turmoil. Constant war tears apart the land, as the various factions & races destroy one another to seize power for themselves.

As the violence reaches its crescendo, one individual will eventually rise from the ashes of the fallen dead. This savior will wrest control though conquest and proclaim themself the Queen of Vaygren, as within this world, females are the sole gender. Only then can some resemblence of peace and order be achieved, for however long it lasts.

Currently, the one who holds the mantle of Queen of Vaygren, is Alees. A charismatic mutant, her charms and fairly easygoing approach to ruling, win her the favor and loyalty of many. However, there are some who do not desire peace. No end exists to the ambition of those who wish to usurp Alees’s throne and supplant her, who even now lurk quietly in the shadows for their chance. Some bold few dare to strike at her openly.

A rebellious dark elf named Yvain is the most prominent of Alees’s opposition. In a botched assassination attempt, Yvain is overcome by Alees’s sheer power. As the deadly battle was coming to its conclusion, Yvain manages to escape alive, but not before stealing a valuable treasure off of Alees.

This treasure, much to the surprise of both Alees & Yvain, suddenly warps Yvain into another realm: Earth. Seemingly trapped in this new world, Yvain must find a way to return home and at the same time, thwart Alees’s attempts to end Yvain’s insurgency and finally overthrow her.

The Realm of Vaygren

Alees’s Gem: Within the strange jewel, with colors radiating a deep orange & red, an intense magical energy swirls and brims with indescribable power. It is currently unknown what its true purpose is, its value, or what it means to Alees and Yvain. It is the instrument to which Yvain used,  by no intention of her own, to travel to the realm of Earth.

Holders: Being ethereal creatures, the Vaygren populations are invisible to the eyes of human beings. A select few who have a heightened spirit however, are able to detect and see them. Vaygren have named humans with this rare surge of spiritual energy, “Holders”. Vaygren can however, make themselves known to non-Holder humans. One of which ways is by physically interacting with them by force.

Unnamed Spell: An exceedingly sought after spell exists in Vaygren, more precious than any others. Invoking it allows the wielder to temporarily modify their clitoris into a larger phallic organ. This is the primary way reproduction on Vaygren occurs. The spell is more often than not used for ones own carnal pleasures and delights as well. Not many are able to obtain this spell,  as the means to get it is not entirely understood. Those who have it are often the nobility.