Hey everyone! I know it’s been a bit longer than I’d hoped, but the animation is finally done!

This animation was possible thanks to Cyberframe, and animation studio I’ve started up with a couple of others. Working with them lets me focus on drawing and actual animation, while they touch things up and edit everything together. Cyberframe will be handling more Vaygren projects from here on out, so expect some awesome stuff!

Cyberframe will also be putting out other animation, both fan, and original. There are currently animations for both Kill La Kill and One Punch Man in the works, and you’ll be able to find those on Cyberframe’s Patreon  Click here. Plus, if you wanted to throw a little money at Cyberframe to help fund all the awesome animation, we wouldn’t complain… Don’t worry though, all of the Vaygren projects that Cyberframe handles will be available here, as always.

Anyways, thank you for your support.


  • Access to Storyline previews.
  • Access to all Episodes of the game at release.
  • Weekly Pinups of random situations and pinups from the Visual Novel Game.
  • Sexual themes that are exclusively female x female, futanari x female, and futanari x futanari. This demographic is fully catered to, 110%, unwavering! If male x female, male x male, or male x futanari is something you have even a slight remote interest in seeing, then Vaygren is the wrong universe for you!
  • Differing age gap relationships of many kinds, such as younger girls with older women, as well as older women with younger ladies.
  • Sexual hardcore Animation loops.
  • Various physiques, ranging from petite to very thick & chubby. Long heavy nipples & puffy inverted nipples. Many body type tastes are catered to in earnest!
  • Beastly demonic women & monster girls having their way with plenty of supple girls & ladies. Definitely one of the more staple themes of Japanese esque erotica that is on full display here!
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support to resolve any and all problems you may have
  • A flexible and accessible website that can be browsed in the comfort of your home, mobile device, or a console.


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