Hey guys! A new animation of Sophia and Bynx. This animation is very short, so enjoy. Also, I am still working on the larger animation video so hopefully, I will be able to release it soon.


  • Access to Storyline previews.
  • Access to all Episodes of the game at release.
  • Weekly Pinups of random situations and pinups from the Visual Novel Game.
  • Sexual themes that are exclusively female x female, futanari x female, and futanari x futanari. This demographic is fully catered to, 110%, unwavering! If male x female, male x male, or male x futanari is something you have even a slight remote interest in seeing, then Vaygren is the wrong universe for you!
  • Differing age gap relationships of many kinds, such as younger girls with older women, as well as older women with younger ladies.
  • Sexual hardcore Animation loops.
  • Various physiques, ranging from petite to very thick & chubby. Long heavy nipples & puffy inverted nipples. Many body type tastes are catered to in earnest!
  • Beastly demonic women & monster girls having their way with plenty of supple girls & ladies. Definitely one of the more staple themes of Japanese esque erotica that is on full display here!
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support to resolve any and all problems you may have
  • A flexible and accessible website that can be browsed in the comfort of your home, mobile device, or a console.


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