Race: Vayman, Current Age: 26

Enke is Alees’s right hand and the strategist of her legions. She’s brilliant, though prone to getting lost in thought and becoming oblivious to everything around her. Enke is relatively soft-spoken, compared to her boisterous and sassy comrade Cassidy. She has an overwhelming sweet-tooth for girls much younger than her, fawning on them whenever one crosses her path.



After Yvain fled to Earth using the gem, Enke and Cassidy were sent after her.


Enke is a Vayman. She has pink hair that she keeps short.


Enke is relatively soft spoken, rarely speaking. She seems to alternate between serious and apathetic. The one exception is whenever she encounters a cute young girl. She will develop a rather intense (and unhealthy) crush, and do whatever she can to make the girl hers… until she finds a new target for her affections.

She doesn’t like being on either end of the Mara, and prefers


  • Queen Alees
  • Cassidy