Race: Dark Elf, Current Age: 25

Cassidy is the current high commander of Alees’s forces after Yvain defected. A sleek mink of a woman, Cassidy’s brusque mannerisms extend to both her fighting style and her come-hither affections. She’s not one to take refusal of her whims lightly. She’s been ordered to smash Yvain’s revolt and retrieve the stolen mystic gem.


Cassidy’s family were part of the gentry, acting as high-society merchants. She never felt like she fit in with them, and they did not treat her well. Her sisters were always better at her, and she never felt like she was good enough. When her family gave her up to Alees’s army as part of their surrender conditions, she cut ties with them fully.


As a recruit in Alees’s army, she found that she excelled. Not only did they appreciate her brusque and violent nature, but she was very good. Unique.

Meeting Yvain

When Yvain showed up, Cassidy initially tried being friendly with her, but the way Yvain acted pissed her off. More so when it was apparent that, despite Cassidy’s brute strength, she couldn’t defeat Yvain. Suddenly all the eyes that were on Cassidy for the promise she showed were shifted to Yvain, and that pissed her off.


Thanks to hanging around Enke, she’s developed a taste for younger girls.

She has a bit of an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to Yvain. Since her sisters were all much more cultured and refined than her, she always felt useless growing up, especially since her family frequently let her know how disappointing they were in her and how she embarrassed them. She was too rough and hot headed for their taste. Even when she tried her hardest, it just wasn’t good enough.

When she was recruited for Alees’s army, she finally found something she could excel at and be praised for. Then Yvain showed up and suddenly she wasn’t good enough again


  • Yvain – Cassidy sees Yvain as her primary Rival, as she is the only other high ranking Dark Elf in the queen’s army.
  • Enke – Enke is one of Cassidy’s only friends, unphased by Cassidy’s hot headed nature.